ENT and Skull base surgery

Sunlife Hospital Department ENT and Skull Base Surgery is committed to investigating novel ways to help treat patients with disease processes and improve their quality of life for diagnoses including chronic rhinosinusitis, sinonasal or skull base tumors. Our team here aim to provide cutting-edge insights into how these diseases develop and to provide better treatment options.

Endoscopic or minimally-invasive skull base surgery. This type of surgery usually does not require a large incision. A surgeon may make a small opening inside the nose to allow a surgeon to remove a growth through a thin lighted tube called an endoscope.

Why Sunlife ?

The Department of ENT at Sunlife Hospital provides medical and surgical care for various ENT related conditions. Our well-trained and expert ENT specialists perform advanced procedures such as Cochlear Implantation, various endoscopic surgeries, nasal polyps, vocal cord paralysis and pediatric airway surgery etc.