Joint replacement

Sunlife Hospital is home to a team of experts who specialize in caring for people with advanced osteoarthritis and other conditions requiring joint replacement. This includes hip and knee surgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologists, pain management experts, rehabilitation therapists, physician assistants and highly trained nurses.

Total and partial knee and hip and shoulder joint replacement surgeries are routinely performed at Sunlife Hospital. We have a team of experienced and expert surgeons with caring and specially trained nurses, therapists and technicians. Our surgeons have expertise in complex cases and revision (re-doing) of failed joint replacements. Our goal is to provide seamless, coordinated care to ensure that patients return to pursuing their favourite activities, as soon as possible. The Enhanced Recovery Program (ERP) comprises pre- and post- operative measures and is devised to provide maximum comfort and convenience to patients. It helps the patients to get back on their feet soon, resulting in reduced hospital stay and early return to home.

Typically Knee replacement patient stays in hospital for 2 or 3 days post surgery, made to walk on the same day or next day after the surgery, post that our physiotherapy team follows up with the patient to help them recover & rehabilitate for independent pain free walking.